Professional Event Photography

Capturing Your Moments with Excellence


When it comes to top-notch event photography services you can go passed James Lunan from Three Ps Photography, your trusted partner. Whether you're planning a corporate dinner, an awards night, or a private function, James is here to ensure your special moments are captured beautifully. We specialize in providing event photography services to both commercial and private clients, creating lasting memories through our lens.


Why Choose Three Ps Photography for Your Event:

Exceptional Quality:

At Three Ps Photography, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality in every photograph we capture. James is well-versed in the art of photography and possesses an innate ability to capture the essence of your event.


Tailored to Your Needs:

D'vine 20231001- 157D'vine 20231001- 157 We understand that every event is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Whether it's a corporate dinner, an awards night, or a private function, we adapt our photography style to suit the atmosphere and mood of your event. Whether you need photography, videography, or both, we have you covered.



We provide a professional and stress-free experience for our clients. We arrive on time, work discreetly, and ensure that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the event while we capture the best moments.




State-of-the-Art Equipment:

We use the latest photography equipment and technology to ensure your photographs are of the highest quality. From lighting to editing, we pay meticulous attention to detail.


Tamburlaine Vegan Lunch HR 20190922- 18Tamburlaine Vegan Lunch HR 20190922- 18
Fast Turnaround:

We understand the importance of receiving your event photographs promptly. That's why we promise a swift turnaround so you can relive your special moments sooner.






Types of Events We Cover:

Corporate Dinners:

Our event photography services are perfect for corporate dinners and business events. We capture the elegance of the evening, candid moments of networking,
and key highlights, ensuring your corporate event is well-documented.


Awards Nights:

Youth Express 30th 20231011- 83Youth Express 30th 20231011- 83
Celebrate your achievements in style, and let us capture the excitement, emotions, and the joy of receiving awards. Our photography will help you relive the memorable moments for years to come.


Private Functions:

From birthday parties to family reunions, we offer comprehensive event photography services for private functions. We understand the significance of these personal gatherings and ensure you have beautiful memories to cherish.


About James Lunan:


James Lunan, the talent behind Three Ps Photography, is a seasoned photographer with years of experience in event photography. His passion for capturing moments in their purest form has made him a renowned figure in the industry. James's creative approach and keen eye for detail ensure that every photograph tells a story and captures the essence of your event.


Capture your event's magic with the expertise and artistry of James Lunan and Three Ps Photography. Contact us today to book our event photography services for your corporate dinners, awards nights, and private functions. Let us turn your special moments into timeless memories.