Family photography is a cherished art that serves as a window to the soul of your family's journey. It captures and immortalizes those priceless moments, transforming them into tangible treasures that resonate with love, joy, and togetherness. Renowned photographers like James Lunan and his exceptional studio, Three Ps Photography, understand the profound significance of family photography and are dedicated to preserving your family's legacy through their lens.

Family photography is more than just snapshots; it's a visual narrative of your life's most beautiful chapters. James Lunan and Three Ps Photography have mastered the art of crafting visual stories that reflect growth, unity, and the enduring strength of your family bonds. Our work transforms fleeting moments into lasting memories that encapsulate your unique journey.




In the talented hands of James, each photograph becomes a page in the story of your family's life. From candid shots capturing the intimacy between a parent and child to thoughtfully composed family portraits, these images celebrate the beauty that emerges from everyday moments.

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These photographs are a timeless portal, transporting you back to the sunlit picnics in the park, cozy winter evenings by the fire, and the jubilant celebrations of life's milestones. They preserve the heart and soul of your family, anchoring you to your roots, and allowing you to relive the joy, warmth, and love that define you.




Mick & Tanya Family-20191208- 60- ( 16 ) HRMick & Tanya Family-20191208- 60- ( 16 ) HR
Family photographs are not just images; they are a source of comfort during life's challenges, a reminder that you are never alone in your journey. In difficult times, a family photograph is a beacon of hope, a testament to your resilience and the unwavering strength of your bonds.

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James and Three Ps Photography excel at capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions that make your family unique. Laughter, tears, shared glances of understanding – all of these are imprinted on their canvas, revealing the depth of your love and the authenticity of your connections.




In an era where time rushes forward, family photography provides a timeless pause button, enabling you to savour the present and revisit the past. It affirms the enduring importance of your relationships, reminding you that aging, wrinkles, and greying hair are badges of honour, symbols of a life well-lived.


The work of James celebrates the beauty in impermanence and preserves your family's stories, traditions, and the profound impact you have on each other's lives. His art is a promise to remember and cherish the love that binds your family together.



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Every photograph captured by James is a piece of living history, a testament to the enduring importance of family. In their lens, you'll find a repository of your past, a celebration of your present, and a promise for your future. His work weaves the fabric of your family's life, creating a visual diary of your journey, and serving as a lasting testament to the boundless power of love. In his artistry, memories become art, and moments become everlasting, preserving your family's legacy for generations to come.


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