Join us at one of Sydney's or The Hunter's picturesque locations where you will start your creative photographic journey. You will learn why it is better to leave the auto setting behind and embrace the power of your DSLR camera, after all you bought your camera to take better photos, right?

Three Ps Photography- Layne Boho Country 1Three Ps Photography- Layne Boho Country 1 During the workshop we will talk about shutter speed, aperture and ISO. We'll show you how they each affect an image, there relationship to each other and how to use them creatively.

We'll look at colour balance and how to set it to achieve the closest match to what you are seeing or use it to create different effects.

We'll go through all those different buttons and features on your camera as well as that display that you see when you look through the viewfinder and help you to understand them and how they can help make your life easier.

Once we've learned the fundamentals, we'll start taking photos. We'll be using the settings that we've learned to take portraits etc. After a short break for dinner (additional cost) we'll then take some landscape images as the sun sets.  Please note that the meal break will be removed during winter months, however participants may wish to have dinner together at the end of the workshop.

Three Ps Photography- Product and Commercial 5Three Ps Photography- Product and Commercial 5Commercial restaraunt menu photography. Let me help you showcase your amazing food and location with eye catching photography. The workshop is 5 hours duration plus a 1 hour dinner break (during daylight saving periods.) There are several take away outlets located nearby providing a choice of different cuisine.

Like other Three Ps Photography workshops, the "Getting Off Auto Photography Workshop" is a practical workshop and participation is encouraged for the benefit of all. You will receive a workshop guide as well to help you remember your newfound knowledge. This 5 hour workshop is $160 per person and class sizes are limited to 6 participants to ensure that you get the most from the experience.

You will need to bring your camera, a tripod, whatever lenses you own, a bottle of water, reasonable footwear (we'll be moving to a different location for the landscape) and warm clothes in winter as this workshop is conducted outside.

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