Portrait photography is all about getting the lighting right to convey the mood of an image whether it be light bright shot of a child at play, a couple in love or a darker more seductive portrait. Australia is blessed with great locations and this workshop is set at one that has a diverse range of backdrops and locations to make your experience worthwhile. This workshop is all about learning the best way Three Ps Photography- Tintilla Estate white grape Harvest 2Three Ps Photography- Tintilla Estate white grape Harvest 2A picker showing his work at Tintilla Estate Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
to achieve the effect that you want on a budget using a combination of your camera, a reflector and an external flash attached to the hot shoe of your camera to achieve both natural light and artific
ial light effects.

During the workshop we move to different locations, look at the challenges that we face at each location and ways to control the light to achieve a desirable result. By the end of the workshop you will understand the fundamentals of portrait photography, selecting the right location and effective lighting on a budget.

During the workshop you will develop your knowledge of the more advance settings of your camera and flash like harnessing the power of the exposure scale, flash compensation, high speed sync and ETTL (electronic through the lens) metering, bouncing light and the list goes on.

Like other Three Ps Photography workshops you will receive a workshop booklet to help you reference what you've learned during the workshop. The workshop is 3 hours duration and group sizes are limited to 6 participants to ensure the best learning environment. Don't worry if you don't have a reflector as they are available for purchase at a Three Ps Photography- Layne Boho Country 4Three Ps Photography- Layne Boho Country 4 competitive price from Fotogenic. As basic understanding of manual settings like what you learn during the "Getting Of Auto Workshop” will help you get the most from this workshop.

You will need a DSLR camera, external flash that is capable of ETTL and high speed sync, lenses, reflector if you have one, water, suitable footwear for walking around a park, hat and cold weather clothing in winter.

The cost of this 3 hour workshop is $130 per person. The workshop size is limited to 6 participants to ensure that you get the most from the experience.

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