The Workshop Series

Three Ps photography offers a series of photography and modelling workshops in collaboration with local photographers, hair & makeup artists and associated artists. Below are the workshops that are available and coming soon.


Check out my latest portrait workshop series. 

Enjoy the luxury of Valhalla Perisher 

25-27 November

Learn all thing portrait

Natural Light, Lighting, posing and editing

4 Great workshops over one weekend

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To catch up on previous editions please head to the Three PS Photography blog page.

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Getting Off Auto- A beginners workshop for those who own dslr cameras and want to learn how to get the most out of their camera. At the end of the workshop you will have the confidence to become more creative in your photography.

Finding The Light- This is the next step for those who would like to take their portrait images to the next level. In this workshop you will learn how to visualise light falling on your subject, select suitable backdrops and different method for lighting the subject using a reflector and flash on camera.

Lighting and Posing- Using a flash on camera and a flash is great but doesn't always give you the creative flexibility to shoot that on location magazine cover. Lighting and posing is all about taking the flash off the camera and working with models.

Studio Photography Fundamentals-  Ever wanted to shoot in a really studio shoot amazing model for a magazine cover. Ok so that a little over top, but we'll teach you how to shoot in studio, work with the creative team and bring beautiful themes to life.

Landscape Fundamentals- This is the next step for those who are interested in developing their landscape photography skills. In this workshop you will learn about the different tools of the landscape photography and how to best utilize them. You will also learn a little about the post processing of Landscape images to really make them pop. 

Lightroom Fundamentals- This is a Lightroom 101 workshop. It's all about importing, cataloguing, process, and exporting for different media. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge to process your images to a professional standard.



Studio Model Portfolio Workshop- This is an introductory workshop for people that are interested in becoming models or updating their portfolio. It's about the studio, HMUA, lights, basic poses, mood boards and the portfolio itself.