Lighting & Posing Portrait Photography Workshops


Check out my latest portrait workshop series. 

Enjoy the luxury of Valhalla Perisher 

25-27 November

Learn all thing portrait

Natural Light, Lighting, posing and editing

4 Great workshops over one weekend

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During the "Finding The Light" workshop we learned the importance that light has on the impact of an image and how to use a reflector and a flash to create a different feel.

The "Lighting and Posing" photography workshop is the next workshop in the portrait stream. In this workshop, you'll be introduced to models, people who make looking good in front of a camera seem simple. They won't be my most experienced models because I can't spoil you yet, however they will look after you. You will learn how to work and pose people but you're not on our own. You'll receive your own posing guide that will help you to communicate your vision to your subject. More about the fun stuff later.

Davies, Gavin, Jade, Mark, event, portrait photography, portrait, weddingDavies, Gavin, Jade, Mark, event, portrait photography, portrait, weddingThe wedding photography of Mark and Jades Gavin. Steeling a sneaky kiss during out portrait session but not quick enough that I was able to capture that beautiful interaction.

From the flowers, rings, dress and cake through to the ceremony and bridal portraits, capturing such an important day in a creative way should be an honour for any photographer and is very important to me.


Before I let you loose with your model, there's some technical stuff to share. I'll show you how to take your flash off your camera, on to the stand and fire it with a wireless trigger. We'll look at the softbox and discuss the different types of light you should expect to get using different modifiers and how to set the light to achieve interesting effects in manual mode, matching sync speed using filters and by the end of the workshop you'll be able to create amazing images.

The workshop size is restricted to 6 people to ensure that you get the most from the experience. The cost of this 3 hour workshop is $180 per person which includes the workshop, workshop notes, posing guides and the models fees for 2 models.
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