Sydney Landscape Fundamentals Photography Workshops
Have you ever wondered how landscape photographers capture beautiful, vibrant landscape images that have that wow factor? Would you love to be able to shoot just like them?
In this workshop Keith McInnes will show you how to bring out the best on your landscape photography. You'll learn about finding the best location, pre-visualisation, camera settings, composing the shot, through to the final image.
Each genre of photography has it's tools of the trade. As portrait photographers have lights and reflectors, landscape photographers have triggers, filters, tripods etc that help them to create landscape master pieces. Keith will show you the different equipment that is used by landscape photographers, why they are used and show you some tips and tricks for getting the best from your equipment.
Keith will also share some of the editing secrets that make his images pop. By the end of this workshop you'll know how to create images like the pros and how to define yourself from the rest.
The cost of this 5 hour workshop is $150 per person and the workshop size is limited to 4 participants to ensure that you get the most from the experience.

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